Taro Kishimoto is not only an accomplished flutist but also a maker of flutes, a performer and gifted composer. Born in Japan, from his earliest days he has always had a strong interest in the music of not only his native land but many other countries, especially South America. When he was twelve years old, he first heard the captivating sound of the ‘Quena’ , a flute of the South American Andes.

On hearing the sound of this new instrument he felt such a strange familiarity that he made one himself from bamboo, copying the Quena depicted in the photograph on the record label. His first attempt proved so successful he started playing and soon became interested in the various musical cultures of the world eventually spending many years visiting different countries to further his research and understanding, all of which led him to a greater appreciation of the music of his own country, Japan. Taro now plays the music of many Countries; South America, Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe alongside acknowledged experts who recognize in him a musical equal, all of which he accomplishes without neglecting his own music which he composes himself.

He has participated in many musical activities overseas as well as a busy domestic schedule, in 2000 at Bulgenland State in Austria he gave a public performance in the ‘Accommodate project’ and in 2003 was invited to the Eastern music festival held in Samarkand, ancient capital of Uzbekistan. Again in 2011 he was invited to the International festival of Literature held in Bratislava Slovakia, all of which demonstrates the high esteem in which he is held in overseas.
Fifteen years after turning professional he released his first album “HARU NO HI (Spring’s Radiant Light)” which was followed in 2006 by “HOSHI NO UEDE (On Our Planet, Earth)” after which came “HIRAITA, HIRAITA(Open, Open)” old Japanese children’s songs o his own arrangement. His latest album “SORA NO SASAYAKI, TORI NO UTA (Whispering Sky, Bird’s
Songs,)”was recorded in 2011 and released in 2013.
At present he lives in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan and is kept busy making flutes, giving
lectures, producing albums and playing his own unique brand of music.